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Sun Trails Brings You Wonderful Destinations for Honeymoon in Morocco

honeymooon in Morocco
If you have been looking for some versatile destination for your honeymoon that is not only just romantic but also gives you the necessary space and privacy you need to checkout for the honeymoon in Morocco packages offered by Sun Trails. Yes, Morocco may not sound exciting like Switzerland or Seychelles but once you land in Morocco do you realize that you have made the right decision to choose Morocco as your honeymoon destination. This is because Morocco has unique terrains like the snowy peak Atlas Mountain, sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and also the huge coastal lines of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea that sets the right tone for a wonderful holiday in Morocco. With Sun Trails you can actually find the best and cosy honeymoon destinations in Morsocco that many might not have been aware of but would surely offer you the best ambiance to spend your romantic holidays in Morocco. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises surely make that magical moments happen and if you are visiting in spring season you can surely witness green and lush valleys inviting you for a romantic and adventurous trip. The vivid landscapes and the homely hospitality are what surely makes your time worth spending in Morocco on your honeymoon.

honeymooon Morocco
Sun Trails also brings you some wonderful honeymoon locations to choose in Morocco like Dar Ahlam which is surely a house of dreams at the foot of the high Atlas Mountains and decked in the thousands of acres of palm groove with the best staff for backup would surely set the right tone and ambiance for you to spend a wonderful time with your loved one distancing away from the hustles and bustles of the city life. There is also this Dar Zahia Garden which is just like a paradise with rose plants, hibiscus, palm trees, euphorbias, olive and fig trees, pomegranates, and many more along with the wooden cubes and an electric-blue raised swimming pool is what you can ask for a honeymoon. In fact, there are many more beautiful places in Morocco that are identified and tested by Sun Trails ensuring they offer the best holiday experience to the visitors. The desert camp is also surely the most preferred by many couples where they can have all the facilities and enjoy their privacy with a candle lit dinner on the desert.You can hardly find such versatility of choice in other destinations and hence it is worth giving a thought about choosing Morocco as your honeymoon destination.



Honeymoon in Morocco

Plan Your Honeymoon in Morocco for a Unique Experience

Morocco Honeymoon

Morocco is not only a tourist destination but also a wonderful place for you to plan honeymoon In Morocco. Yes, unlike the regular honeymoon locations like beaches or resorts you can have an entirely different honeymoon in Morocco where you can actually book a camp on the sand dunes of the Sahara desert with just a private butler that makes your stay comfortable while you can have all the time in the world to spend those wonderful moments with your dear one away from the hustles and bustles of the busy life. The Morocco honeymoon destination surely sets the right ambiance for you to relax and enjoy a peaceful day like having a tea with the local nomads, enjoy the camel back rides, shop in the local markets and settle down in the pasha palaces for rest and appreciating the night smells of the cinnamon that creates the right ambiance for your romantic nights on the Erg Chigaga desert. The local tour operators like Sun Trails also opens doors to some versatile hand-picked locations that can help not only the honeymooners but many more couples to once again reconnect themselves to each other.

Morocco Honeymoon

The Dar Ahlam house of dreams is a wonderful place that may not even have a TV but you can enjoy the nature at its best having all the time in the world to spend your day with the loved one. You can have the candle lit dinners and enjoy the picturesque sceneries that set the right mood for the romantic honeymoon. Similarly, you can find Dar Zahia Garden, Tasgua Yan, Azalai Camp, Azalai beach cottage, La Pause, Tour Des Faucons, Casa Juan and a few more handpicked places from Sun Trails that would surely give you the best days in your life and the most memorable honeymoon stay in Morocco. It is not just honeymoon trips to Morocco but Sun Trails also offer customized private holidays to the tourists who would like to have unique itineraries to experience the real essence of Morocco. As care is taken by Sun Trails to maintain a balance between activities and rest along with order and spontaneity you can surely enjoy a best holiday in Morocco without a moment of boredom. You can choose luxury holidays on the beaches, adventure tours, dirt bike riding on the desert sand dunes or join the helicopter ride to the snowy peak mountains of the Atlas for a thrilling holiday experience.

Whatever might be your holiday plan the Sun Trails shall ensure great comfort, safety and memorable holidays in Morocco.

Honeymoon In Morocco


Enjoy The Beauty of Morocco with Sun Trails’ Luxury Morocco Travels


The moment you plan on going on a tour to a place that you are going for the first time, you will naturally be unaware of many things with regards to that area and will not be able to plan your trip in a perfect way to cover all the places of tourist interest within your self-allocated time frame. If you fail to plan your trip in a proper way, there is a very strong possibility that you might miss out on so many places of tourist interest during your trip. Apart from that, you may also go beyond your budget because of your poor planning. Particularly, if the place that you wish to visit is something that has several places of tourist interest, you will definitely be further confused on how to plan your trip. Especially, if the place you want to visit is Morocco, then you really need to plan your trip before and in a proper way because Morocco offers a lot to the tourists. If you are going on a trip to Morocco, you will definitely require someone from a tours and travels company who can give you proper guidance on how to cover the all the important places in Morocco within your time and budget constraints.

Sun Trails is a travels and tour company that will guide you properly and will take care of all your requirements when you visit Morocco. The staff will guide on what are the best places that you definitely need to visit in Morocco and surrounding areas. They will also prepare a customized MOROCCO PRIVATE TRAVEL according to your specific taste, without upsetting your budget and time. Located in Casablanca, Sun Trails has an amazing team of specialists who have very good experienced in preparing customized travel plans. The North African country, Morocco is situated at the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is different from the other countries in the world as a country that has the influence of Berber, Arabian and European cultures. Hence, Sun Trails has a fantastic team of both local European specialists who would plan your LUXURY MOROCCO TRAVEL according to your specifications. There are so many things in Morocco that would catch the attention of the tourists like forts built in the 12th century, Marrakesh’s medina, a mazelike medieval quarter, marketplaces selling ceramics, jewellery and metal lanterns etc. Morocco has something interesting for everyone at all the seasons. Morocco is also famous for its delicacies.


Find Best Tour Operator to Plan Morocco Tours of Your Choice


Planning a holiday is not an easy task as you need to find a destination that suits to the interest of everyone in the travel group. However, when you are planning for Morocco tours you need not worry as it is one tourist location that has something to offer to everyone whether one is looking for a beach holiday, an adventure holiday, a luxury holiday, cultural holiday and whatsoever. The tour operators in Morocco like Sun Trails come up with the best private Morocco tours packages that can cover your tour interests and help you have a wonderful holiday in this versatile nation. Morocco is full of surprises for the first-time visitors who shall be thrilled to find people from different cultures like Jews, Europeans, Africans, Berbers, Arabs and others living in harmony practicing their own culture and traditions. The nation is also very much diversified with vast terrains like the Sahara Desert, Mount Atlas ranges, huge coastal lines and also unique flower and fauna that would attract millions of tourists every year to Morocco. The Bronze Age rock engravings, thousands of years old Berber Igoudars and hundreds of years old fortresses are surely a special attraction to those visiting Morocco. You can in fact find many wonderful UNESCO recognised heritage sites and other monuments that stand tall as a witness to the glory of the land in the past.

Sun Trails comes up with an itinerary that best suits to your tour’s interests. You can either join the day tours from Marrakech to the nearby tourist attractions or the theme-based holidays to know the real essence of the nation. You can also take the helicopter tour to the snowy peak mountains of the Atlas and ride the dirt bikes exploring the sand dunes of the desert. You shall also be thrilled to camp on the desert with all facilities which is surely a unique holiday experience to most of the people visiting Morocco. There are also many luxury resorts in Morocco on the beach fronts that you can happily relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday with friends and family. You can also mingle with the locals and join the nomads for a tea. You can try out your hand in learning the local cuisines and also shopping in the markets that are surely wonderful holiday memories. Whatever might be your interests no doubt you can surely have a wonderful holiday in Morocco with the help of Sun Trails tour operator.

Join luxury Morocco Travel Tours from Sun Trails for a Wonderful Holiday Experience

While choosing a holiday destination it is important that you find one that suits to the interest of everyone in the family or the tour group. This is when you can look out for Morocco private travel which is one holiday destination that has something for everyone whether one is looking for an adventurous holiday, a beach holiday, luxury resort holiday or want to indulge in knowing about the local culture and tradition of the people. Morocco has thousands of years of history with rich heritage and culture so that you can find many UNESCO recognised sites in Morocco along with the Bronze age rock engravings, centuries old fortresses and also Berber Igoudars that truly excite anyone who would like to travel down the timeline. You can also find a versatile culture prevailing in Morocco with Arabs, Jews, Europeans, Africans, Berbers and other living from centuries making Morocco their home land. The country also has diversified flower and fauna that nature lovers can surely enjoy and experience in Morocco. The helicopter tour to the snowy peak mountains of the Great Atlas Mountain or the dirt bike rides in the ever-ending Sahara Desert is really a treat for the adventure lovers. 

To plan a holiday that suits to your interests you can look out for the local tour operator like Sun Trails that can offer you customised luxury Morocco travel that can surely entertain and offer insights into the lifestyle of the Morocco people. You shall be really thrilled to have a tea with the nomads, visit the great museums, rest in the luxury resorts and also join the tours that are customised as per your interests. You can find daily trips from Marrakech to the nearby tourist attractions or join the theme tours like Land of the setting sun, Caravans dust, Lost Kingdoms, Oases and Palm groves and many more. You can also learn the Morocco dishes joining the local cooking classes in Marrakech, Babouche making, visit handicraft workshops and also other classes that suit to your interests. Sun Trails ensures that your holiday is balanced between activity and rest, spontaneity and order and also simplicity and grandeur. The travel tips from Sun Trails would also help you to plan a holiday that is organised and offers you the best travel experience in Morocco. You should also not miss out the desert camp which is a unique holiday experience that you can find only in Morocco.

Sun Trails is the best Local Tour Operator that Arranges for 4X4 Morocco Tours according to your Choice

Every tourist has a unique interest when comes to planning a holiday but there are very few tourist places that can satisfy the unique tastes of all the people. Morocco is one such place that is versatile in itself because it has something special for all kinds of tourists and their unique tastes. Some tourists may be interested in scenic beauties while others may be interested in knowing about the historical importance of the place. Some may visit the place to savour the popular local cuisine and others may love architecture. Some tourists like to explore the different kinds of cultures around the world. Irrespective of what your requirement is, Morocco is the place which offers you with all that you want. The place is really beautiful in all the seasons. If you are planning for a visit to Morocco, you can reach out to Sun Trails tours and travels company that is situated in the city of Casablanca. Sun Trails can arrange for tailor made 4×4 Morocco tours that are prepared specially for you as per your specific requirements, budget and taste. All that you need to do is to just rely on Sun Trails and relax as you can be assured of the best of services from them and you can expect more than what you expect. 

You are going to experience a novel and unique kind of travel experience that will be cherished fondly for the rest of your life. And this is made possible only by Sun Trails. Your Morocco touring experience will full of excitement and fun as you visit the medina behind locked doors accompanied by a local university teacher. If you are a foodie, then you are just at the right place and the local cuisine at the medina food circuit is something that will pamper your taste buds. You can also attend cooking classes to learn how to make the local delicacies in an authentic way. You can meet the nomades and also have a hot cup of tea along with them in the Anti-Atlas deserted plateaus. You can also book for day trips from Marrakech through Sun Trails. Many tourists who visit Morocco also make it a point to visit Marrakech as it has got several places of tourist interest like art galleries, palm grove, the Khettara irrigation system and many other places. All that you need to do is to just visit Sun Trails and they will plan the entire trip for you within your budget and ensure to make your trip the most memorable one.


Sun Trails offer best Tailor Morocco Tours that Perfectly Suits to your Interests

Situated in the city of Casablanca, Sun Trails is a company that has specialists who have a very good experience in providing custom Morocco tours. These customized Morocco tours are prepared keeping in mind the specific taste of the customers. The specialists also consider the budget and other requirements of the customer so as to ensure that he gets more than what he expects within the budget. There is a team of on-the-ground specialists that is a mix of local people from Morocco and people from Europe. Before preparing the plan for the customer, the first step towards it is that the staff would sit with the customer, listen to him attentively to understand your tastes and also to know if you have any specific preferences. They would compile the data gathered from you and then prepare tailor made Morocco tours according to your needs. You can also choose from itineraries offered by Sun Trails. There are different itineraries that span from 4 to 6 days, 8 – 10 days, 10 – 12 days and 13 to 16 days. The 4 to 6 days of trip covers Marrakech, Zagora, Erg Chigaga and Taraudant while the Casablanca, Fez, Erg Chebbi, Dades and Marrakech trip takes about 8 to 10 days. The 10 to 12 days trip covers places like Casablanca, Fez, Erg Chebbi, Marrakech and Essaouira.


If you want to cover places like Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Erg Chigaga and Essaouira, it would take you about 13 to 16 days. Other places like Marrakech, Draa Valley, Erg Chigaga, Tafraoute and Mirleft takes just about 8 to 10 days. You have a wide range of options to choose from and irrespective of what you choose, you are certainly not going to be disappointed and you will have a wonderful time at Morocco. You can choose the appropriate itinerary depending on the time you have for yourself and can go for the kill. Morocco has a lot to offer like the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountain range, seaside Asliah, cinema museum in Ouarzazate, Marrakech on the foothills of Atlas Mountains, Tinghir, that is sandwiched between the Atlas and the Sahara and Agadir, a seaside resort town. You can also visit Meknes, which was the capital in the 9th century. Essaouira is another interesting place where the game of thrones was shot. Morocco is predominantly a tourist place and you can find tourists all through the year as it is one of the very few places that can be visited during all seasons. So there is absolutely no seasonal restriction and you can plan your trip at any time in the year whenever you are free.